Third generation artificial intelligence
Deep learning & AI cloud (AIaaS)

TMF AI project Procedure & AIaaS system feature

According to the customer's request, TMF cooperate with the state‐of‐the‐art AI & Deep Learning companies of the world and provide it on TMF AIaaS. 

TMF is understanding the customer's requirements and select the company that with the optimum AI elemental technology. Co -work with selected artificial intelligence development company, after setting up a learning and detection scenario to realize the request and create a project plan. 

In order to realize optimum cost for AIaaS, TMF provide turnkey solution type cloud that using open stack. TMF considers the selected AI to be realized as an optimal price service on AIaaS. Just by recording the implementation environment you want to realize on our cloud using a paid rental camera, according to your request, TMF will provide you an estimate for your reference. (Consulting is available in the case of special requests such as cloud collaboration and AI in customer's own business flow).

 The AI implementation process often consists of Phase 1(Basic learning period based on recorded images is about 3 months),Phase 2(Environmental response learning period at local site is 3 months) and other UI building.
The target detection accuracy of each is 70% or more, 90% or more respectively.

After installation, detection accuracy gradually improves.

TMF AI builds multiple engines in combination, so it can achieve overwhelming reliability.

If you use the de facto standard type AI, there is a possibility that the Phase 1 process can be shortened. TMF is preparing various de facto standard type AI services in multiple markets.

On our share IoT platform, after developing the function of AI, assign performance of GPU depending on the delay speed you want to realize, grasp actual usage situation, and determine the final usage fee.

Currently available AI service are as follows.


□    Human detection(It can be used for intrusion detection and other )
□    Posture detection
□    Facial recognition(male/female, age, facial expression)
□    People counting
□    Object detection
□    Character recognition
□    Big data analysis
□    Pattern analysis
□    other



Currently TMF can provide de facto standard AI service are as follows
(TMF customize it according to customer's request and introduce it)


□    railroad crossing safety AI service
□    Marking analysis  (in-store marking)
□    Temperature control inside factory
□    Car number plate recognition