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TMF Smart Link View


TMF Smart Link View System & Image quality (Eng. ver) 20220221-1

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TMF Earth IoT Platform

◎ Super high compression monitoring camera provided by TMF

◎ Video compatible cloud system

◎ Artificial intelligence cloud system

◎ Third generation artificial intelligence system


Transfer vivid movie (720p) to VSaas + AIaaS using LTE.

The live image is transferred to the cloud with low delay (about 0.5 second). We will greatly reduce communication and cloud costs.

live Surveillance & Video

Recording vivid movies to VSaaS cloud · Live use
(720P * 30 fps)

Movie compatible IoT platform

The TMF movie compatible IoT platform is a system for porting third-generation artificial intelligence on our cloud and various services such as prediction management system

Third generation type
Artificial Intelligence · Deep learning
& AI Cloud (AIaaS)

We will deliver artificial intelligence around the world as a cloud service. We respond to human detection / face recognition (age, gender, emotion) and various other needs

VMS in
Smart VSaaS

The world's most advanced and innovative Video Management System is available for the first time in the world in the IoT cloud.

TMF Open Cloud

TMF Open Cloud can expect drastic reduction in time and cost for introducing cloud services and enjoy the efficiency. 


We can provide Backup/Failover/Failback 
under the multi-source environment 
with user friendly UI and the best price to purchase easily. 

IoT independent power supply

Operable 24 hours a day, 365 days,

It is a completely independent power supply system using sunlight

Solar Business

LED solar street light, tsunami evacuation tower, etc. We introduce our solar business products.



Inquiries to our company

TMF solution introduction

Artificial intelligence·
Deep learning cloud
Demo Room

Super compression IoT camera Real-time demo of artificial intelligence such as live and human detection can be experienced

TMF Video Introduction

Please watch our IoT solution introduction video

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