Movie compatible IoT platform

TMF movie compatible IoT platform is a collective term for systems for porting third generation type artificial intelligence and various services such as prediction management system on the cloud of TMF surveillance camera recording & live cloud solution.

The services that can be connected to this service can be easily connected to a system that collects and manages sensor data, automatic opening / closing of household electric appliances and doors, IoT utilizing a home server, etc., and can be operated in conjunction with a surveillance camera system etc. 

For a basic understanding of the system outline, please refer to the TMF surveillance camera recording & live cloud solution page. (→more detail about live Surveillance & Video cloud) 


For the TMF movie compatible IoT platform, GPU server for high speed computation for AI is carried. In our system, if you shoot a subject in a movie and you want to see a movie live from a reference terminal, a delay of about 0.5 seconds will occur in our system. After that, artificial intelligence performs various analyzes using transmitted images. At this time, the elements related to the delay will depend on the GPU board capability.

When using the collected analytical data at a later time, even if there is a delay of about 10 seconds there may be no problem but when using it in a business flow that causes the next action immediately using the analysis data You will use GPU's performance heavily.

In this case we will accept POC (Proof Of Concept) and verify the GPU's ability.

The artificial intelligence currently provided by Japanese companies is mostly IVA or second generation type AI. On our IoT platform, we are collaborating with many artificial intelligence development companies around the world who are already developing artificial intelligence & deep learning for our platform. We will customize and provide each company's AI core technology to service so that customers can use these functions smoothly.

 (→more detail about AI & Deep Learning)


The center of this service, the cloud system can easily port various services on SaaS.

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