TMF live Surveillance & Video cloud solution VSaaS

Both the camera, cloud and viewer have professional specifications and technologies.
Both initial costs and operating costs are cheap. A full-fledged cloud new world is available.

Movie does not stop · Low delay (0.5 seconds)

· AI can be used · Low price

 「TMF live Surveillance & Video cloud solution」is the best system for customers who want to centrally manage recorded videos or want to use live surveillance video, which can use the conventional surveillance camera system in the cloud.

This solution which integrates innovative and the state-of-the-art technology from all over the world, offers a variety of services to customers. It is very difficult to transitioning from stand-alone type surveillance camera recording system to browse in case of emergency, to useful cloud surveillance camera recording system.

 The big obstacle in the first stage was that it was difficult to transmit such as a wired LAN, or a wireless LAN freely, because the size of the video was large. 
When Surveillance cameras sold in the market transmit HD(720P) video to the cloud, it transmits on average 500K to 2.5Mbps.

 Since a single wired LAN is generally 10G best effort, connecting a few cameras makes it difficult to stream images according to the usage situation. In the case of LTE, fluctuation band occurs more greatly, so it is more difficult to transmit video smoothly.  

Therefore, in many Cloud or centralized management system, it is system that about 1 to several VGA (360P) per second. Besides, system that are said to be relatively low in image size(500k-1Mbps), or in the case of HD images, or several camera to the same line. It will not only halt the video but also will cause huge damage to other system user who are using the same line. 

In this system, we use the super-compression technology that only our company realizes in the world. Although it is HD (720P), in the case of h.264, ※1 average is 80k - 300kbps (maximum 500kbps). In the case of h.265, TMF realize dreamlike traffic with average 40k - 250kbps (maximum 250kbps) 
 ※1  The size varies depending on the video image.


The surveillance system realizes connecting a lot of security cameras due to almost no stress on the existing LAN line. Certainly, it is also possible to connect multiple cameras to the same base station by LTE.

 Therefore, it is not only high-quality video flow without interruption, you can greatly reduce the line fee also. It is possible line fee charged can be reduced. It became possible to realize low-delay video.  ※2 0.5 seconds Only.(Competitor's products are delayed around 5 to 10 seconds)

 ※2  Due to the line condition that may affect.

 In addition, there are moving storage record or the system, drastically reduce CPU usage size, that price of Cloud system could be greatly lowered. 
(approx. 1/4 to 1/20)


 The system is that the camera sent one stream to the cloud. There will be redelivered with low latency by the VMS (Video Management System) on the cloud.
In this way, it can be viewing LIVE video from the terminal also keeps the cost to the minimum and realizes super delayed live.

  This VMS can connect tens of thousands of cameras, and it supports 3500 models (ONVIF compatible) cameras. The screen setting can be intuitive and free layout. Also, there are wide variety of search function to use easily. It is user-friendly system and VMS up to now. (→ More detail about VMS)

 TMF Open Cloud is based on open stack, using various architectures, can reduce TCO by almost 50% of cloud system competitor. 
TMF Open Cloud system develops two managing portals as system portal & service portal,  and realize to useful environment for user.

 Using solution foundry that can construct system automatically, from Hardware procurement to system operation, it takes just 10 to 12 weeks. TMF can provide it very short time.
 After implementation, TMF provides turnkey solution to the immediately available surveillance camera system.

  Using minimum throughput, efficient and compact open cloud system, TMF Live Surveillance & Video Cloud Solution can realize to provide the very affordable total cost enough not to compare. 

 (→ More detail about cloud)

 Further, regarding implementation, TMF adopt the autonomous power supply and LTE, It is possible to use it immediately even in places without power supply or LAN.

 (→ more detail about autonomous power supply)

 If you want to use the third generation AI and deep learning on the SaaS, by linking with this system and AI cloud system then you can move to the IoT Platform

 (→ more detail about IoT Platform)    (→ more detail about the third generation AI)

Throughput of uplink 

TMF Camera at SHOTO
Up link AV. 0.237Mbps
Down Link Av.  11.9kbps
Throughput Average of TMF Camera
Panasonic Camera at SHOTO
Up link AV. 2.01Mbps
Down Link Av.  34.2kbps
Throughput Average of Panasonic Camera